Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Trust Pays?
A. Trust Pays is a program operated by CrimeStoppers for Memphis and Shelby County area elementary, middle, junior and high schools. It is a way for good students to confidentially reveal information they have to adults they trust about serious situations in school.

Q. What kind of situations?
A. We focus on serious and dangerous acts — guns or other weapons, drugs, plans to commit violence, theft.

Q. What does “Trust” mean?
A. Most students know at least one adult at school they trust. They are urged to speak to this trusted adult about any problem.

Q. What does “Pays” mean?
A. Cash awards from $50 to $250 are available to students who provide information that helps uncover something illegal. Eligibility is determined by the school principal, security officers and CrimeStoppers.

Q. How is a cash payment arranged?
A. The student will be contacted through the trusted adult, a secure meeting place determined, and the cash handed over.